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Art, design and letterpress printing.

Created from big ideas and a little luck.

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    Our original big & little presses: a Golding Pearl #11 platen and Kelsey Excelsior tabletop press.

  • Home_Images_FirstLockup

    This is the first lock-up we made— of course it had to be the name of our shop!

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    Our Showcard press allows us to print large-format and experiment on the large flatbed.

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    We have printed quite a collection of coasters— one of our favorite mediums!

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    We love spending time in our print studio!

We are designers who love to work with our hands and to create things. Letterpress printing allows us the ability to use our skills as visual communicators, as well as to practice a hand craft, in creating pieces of handmade art and design.

We are happy to share our passion for creativity and play through our letterpress work. We want to share our knowledge and experiences in our letterpress endeavors with others so they might find the same satisfaction and joy.

Meet the Designers

Andy Schwanbeck


Andy is a self proclaimed jack-of-all trades. On any given day he can be found working on his motorcycles, hand painting a new sign, doing a house renovation, or now, making a letterpress print. Andy was introduced to letterpress printing through his graduate studies at Kent State University. He admits, he hated it at first—It felt way too tedious and delicate; But as time passed, he soon fell in love with the process.

 Loves running the press
 Favorite typeface in collection: Extra Bold Bodoni
 Besides printing, loves food, motorcycles, and a good IPA

Miranda Hall


Miranda describes herself as impassioned, excitable, and at times, restless. At the same time she considers herself laid-back and can ‘go with the flow.’ She says she doesn’t really find truth in zodiac signs, but could be convinced her ‘hot-cold’ restless nature could be attributed to being a Gemini. Though she has many changing interests, Miranda is sure that letterpress printing is one passion that won’t fade.

Her enthusiasm for letterpress printing began with a class in ‘Experimental Typography’ while completing her graduate degree at Kent State University. Since then she has been determined to find a means to continue to nurture that passion and even hopes to share it with others.

In her professional career as a graphic designer, Miranda has worked on a broad range of projects including environmental graphic design and wayfinding, exhibits, marketing, identity and interactive design. She prefers to have experience in so many areas to keep her design work interesting, challenging and engaging.

Beside working for a range of clients on design projects and finding time for play through her letterpress work, Miranda is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at La Roche College.

  • Loves creating ridiculously complex lock-ups
  •  Her favorite color is green
  •  Loves food and the outdoors as much as typography


Lucy hasn’t done much printing yet. She mostly just lays around the shop and plays with her stuffed friends, Mr. Kitty and Goosey. But Lucy aspires to begin a puppy artist series created primarily from paw prints on newspaper.

Rumor has it that once Lucy painted portraits of Barbara Streisand. But that has yet to be seen since she was adopted from the Lucky Dog Rescue.

  • Spends most of her time with her dog toys
  •  Her favorite color is pink
  •  Eats mostly puppy kibble but loves cheese

Our work

See Our Collection

Our type, presses and equipment came to us through a little luck (or actually a lot)!

Our Three Presses

Our Presses

Our presses, type and other equipment

The following is a summary of what we have in our studio:

  • Chandler and Price (prints 10″x15″)
  • Showcard Press (prints 24″x30″)
  • Golding Pearl #11 Press (prints 7″x11″)
  • Kelsey Excelsior Table Top Press (prints 5″x9″)
  • Challenge Paper Cutter (cuts up to 26″ wide)
  • 90 drawers of metal lead type
  • Multiple trays of artwork, dingbats, etc.
  • Wood furniture, metal spacing and lots of pieces and parts

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